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Party Buses - Times are Changing

As Bob Dylan wrote many years ago - The Times They are A-Changing and what a year to remember, 2020, the year the Pandemic shut down the whole world down. Without much warning or, a lot of preparation time, people all over the Globe were sent home, all businesses, including Party Buses that had been operating successfully for many years, had to close their doors, (and turn their motors off) and things became eerily quite. The much celebrated Bucks Party & Hens Party also came to a screeching halt.

However, although a somewhat chaotic period in our history books, the Earth kept turning, the sun came up everyday, people adjusted and even the birthday party kept happening. The world continued to turn, and birthday parties…funnily enough, they actually flourished. During the pandemic though, the traditional birthday party had to change to virtual gatherings and the party buses, hens party and bucks party were just memories

Birthday Parties with the Card-My-Yard-Fad

One innovative way people came up with to pass on their best wishes to those having Birthday Parties (although some would want to bypass these milestones) was to have a Birthday Party sign made up which was put on their front lawn with the message large enough to be read easily from passers by in the ‘safety’ of their cars, joining in the celebration at a social distance. It gave those having Birthday Parties some sense of normalcy in a pandemic ridden world

Virtual Hens Party, Bucks Party & Birthday Party without the Party Bus

Thanks to wonderful technology in this day and age, the pandemic has not halted our ability, and of course, most importantly our desire and need to communicate with each other. Whilst impossible to make the Party Bus virtual, (although someone may find a way) that doesn’t happen with the Hens Party, Bucks Party or Birthday Party. Open up the camera and join in the virtual party and it’s like you were there in the same room. You can even be a part of the Birthday party cake cutting, sing along and well wishing. Unfortunately the best part of Birthday parties meant you aren’t able to consume a slice of that delicious birthday cake.

The Drive-By Birthday Party Greetings for the ‘Family Only’ Birthday Parties

When the most strict quarantine rules were in place and with people ‘unhappily’ being confined to their places of abode, the drive-by Birthday party grew in popularity which went a little way in helping to make a person’s Birthday celebration more of a memorable one. Friends and non-immediate family members simply drove to your house whilst you are on your verandah or front yard and wave to those celebrating their Birthday party. This is where the card-in-the-yard fad gained momentum as even those who did not know who was celebrating their Birthday party, drove past honking their horns. But of course those who knew the who were having the Birthday parties definitely got out of their cars and spoke from a distance!

The Party Bus for Your Hens Party, Bucks Party or Birthday Party

Now that things are becoming more liberal, quarantine rules are being released and people are itching to get out of the confines of their home, there’s never a better way to have a Birthday party than with a few select friends than to celebrate on a party bus hire. Depending on the size of the party bus, you could have up to ten, twenty or thirty of your closest friends, hiring one of PartyParty Bus party buses could go a long way of being the most memorable birthday party ever. This is not your normal bus, but a party bus, fitted out inside (sometimes) with a stocked bar but always with, music, disco lights, TV, and comfy seating arrangements. And for those who want to sing, of course there may be Karaoke available. But all party buses are fitted out with blue-tooth so you can grab the music from your phone and play the songs you and your mates most relate to.

Extra refreshments can be ordered or brought along and you can even bring along your own esky! But Party Party Bus is not the only reason to hire a party bus. The Hens Party and Bucks Party are, (amongst the millions of others) a great reason to hire a party bus. You will be in control of who attends so you’ll have a party with no gate crashers or no need to hire a security guard, so, as 100’s of people are doing the Party Bus Hire concept makes a lot of sense for a great night out for that special occasion.

There’s Something About the Moving & the ‘Pub Crawl’ When Celebrating a Birthday Party, Hens Party or Bucks Party

There are many ways you can celebrate your Birthday party, Hens Party or Bucks Party and if you haven’t had the chance to hire a party bus then this might be the time for consideration. You can party the night away driving all around town in a private setting designed by you for your special occasion and there are plenty of party themes that you can come up with!

For example, having a night with your friends where you have them dress up to the theme of a Casino night, a Toga party, Pirates, Zombies or even a Masquerade. There are hundreds of themes that are popular, or maybe go the whole hog with something different as the Game of Thrones or go back in time and have everyone dress up to a 60’s, 70’s or 80’s party. One thing for certain, is that with just a little imagination, plenty of music, a fridge (or most likely an esky) stocked and, your closest friends in a private party setting, who cares if the clubs are closed, a Party Party Bus for a Birthday Party, Hens Party or Bucks party on board one of it’s PartyParty Buses will be one to remember.

But what if we told you that even PartyParty Bus can help you formulate an itinerary for that great night out? Yes, we absolutely can! With the Pubs, Clubs, Bars and Restaurants now opening up (or opened up depending when you read this), we can help you plan an itinerary with a Party Bus Hire to some of the greatest night spots (and even day spots) that are welcoming PartyParty Bus folk just like you!

We all have different tastes, so we’re sure that you’ve spoken to the friends who you’d like to join you for that Hens Party, Bucks Party or Birthday Party who also share the same “taste” in venue’s. Then it’s all action go! We can help design a four, five, six hour (or even longer) itinerary where we plan the times you will stop at each establishment, then continue the party on your Party Bus Hire to the next stop. We can even make it a ‘mystery tour’ where you leave the itinerary in our hands and be totally and happily surprised at the venues you visit. PartyParty Bus knows how to party, so we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Party Bus Hire Ideas for a Teenager Birthday Party

Teen party ideas (at least for some Mum’s and Dad’s) can be a hard challenge especially with today’s teens, but there are plenty of party themes to choose from even with a Party Bus Hire. Take for example the ‘theme ideas’ above for the Adults. Teenagers and get their friends to come up with a theme night and they all dress up in that particular theme. Sure, the pub crawls “not included” LOL, but giving your Teens for example, a birthday party to remember where they are driving around on a Party Bus is something totally worth considering!

And how much more love would your teen show you if they were to have their very own decked out party bus with the sound system loaded up with their favourite songs, food and snacks spread out, soft drinks galore in the fully stocked esky’s, disco lights, enough room to dance and super cozy seating. Whether it been your daughter’s sweet 16th Birthday Party or your son’s teenager party , your teen will thank you for years to come for their best Birthday Party ever when they disembark off the PartyParty Bus.

Party Buses are Thriving as More and More People become Vaccinated who Just Want to Party!

With the fear of the pandemic subsiding and rules and laws being downgraded, a party bus is still a great option where you don't need to stress over being in jam-packed spaces. You can be secure in knowing that PartyParty bus follow all the State and Federal rules and guidelines for keeping you safe. At PartyParty Bus the sanitization process comes immediately after and before the next party. With thorough cleaning of all high and low touch surfaces, switches, the bar, seats, handrails and pole, rest assured that from front to rear bumper bars are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly.

Our Guarantee for that Party Bus Hire for your Birthday Party, Bucks Party or Hens Party

Our experienced drivers are always on hand and very accommodating. Our guests enjoy a smooth, grand and luxurious traveling experience in vehicles that are well maintained and Ultra Clean. Your request is our desire and we go out of our way to accommodate requests and varying needs at PartyParty Bus.